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Hall of Shame* (DrAcO)

This board contains Hall of Shame threads. These will include botters and imposters. Only a minimum of Government can post here.
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* (DrAcO)


Post by «DN»Lasky® » Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:13 am

Draco has been awarded a place in the Hall of Shame for this outrageous display of uncivalised banter and showing he is just plain jelly of my ability to get really cool systems.

The bottom line is that he is a total moron and I personally believe he is an a$$hole and both bigoted and racist.

If you read this Draco, you will not be allowed in our TS anymore. You are a security risk and are no longer welcome on this board, our servers or indeed our teamspeak. I cannot believe you did this to me, are you that ignorant? Well, I no longer have to deal with your ignorance. Good riddance. Good day!

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Message from moderator

Nobody in this clan is to communicate with this idiot, he is a security risk and is not welcome here.

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Never tell your password to anyone.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: [Çñ®]DrAcO!,02972a2ba1e59ae7c3b692e2d09426ea,1,--
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: Xd
* (DrAcO) is now Online.
* (DrAcO): ?
* (DrAcO): How would I know if I have never seen it before?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: xD]
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: you still got Halo installed?
* (DrAcO): No?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: lol
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: you like CnR?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: liked*
* (DrAcO): Long time ago?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: well, WE have our own CnR server
* (DrAcO): Splended? Get out of the past with everything and get in the present.
* (DrAcO): Play current games and not games from 15 years ago.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: why do you think I have set up my own dedi
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: ?
* (DrAcO): Your own dedi with old games?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: we have newer games
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: we want to add CoD 4 and 5
* (DrAcO): I'll rephrase.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: but cant seem to find an installer for it
* (DrAcO): You have a dedi with newerish games inwhich games you don't currently have.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: ^^
* (DrAcO): People that play cod 4 & 5 can't play games like bf4. I have a friend that plays cod cause he can't really play the new games.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: well CoD is relatively new
* (DrAcO): bo3 is new cod 4 and 5 aren't
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: while I accept that Halo is old, last check was 500 servers on CE and 200 on PC
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: CE has suddenly become a bit more popular
* (DrAcO): Splended?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: seriously, what is your problem?
* (DrAcO): I don't care about hpc or hpce
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: well it is one of my fav games
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: I also have every release for 360 and ONE
* (DrAcO): As is mine, but that was almost 15 years ago when i started playing
* (DrAcO): My 360 and ps3 aren't even hooked up.
* (DrAcO): I don't have the newer consoles because I wouldn't use them.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: wow
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: that defiant sticking with PC games are we?
* (DrAcO): I can play any game anyone puts out, why spend $400 on an xbox one?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: you cant get Halo 5 for PC
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: nor the others inc 3, 4  Reac or ODST
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: Reach*
* (DrAcO): I don't want to play halo?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: this is why I have the ONE
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: I do however plan to sell a few of my PC's so I can get an upgrade to this one
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: a whole new machine in fact
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: with much more RAM and a more meaty processor and gfx
* (DrAcO): Why? You don't play any NEW games.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: £2k ought to do it
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: DDR4 RAM *drool*
* (DrAcO): ddr4 ram is what? 2% faster then ddr3?
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: no, more like 40
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: then Intels new CPU
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: thats what I call insane
* (DrAcO): Get off your high horse and stop rubbing shit in. This is what you did when we talked 5 years ago. Add me be when you have grown up. I already know since I'm not on your friends list, you'll be a baby and ban me from your empty teamspeak.
* (DrAcO) is now Offline.
* (DrAcO) is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
«THÖMÅS®©™»/«DN»Lasky®: wow
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Banned user
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Re: * (DrAcO)


Post by PÕQ~Grunt* » Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:23 pm

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