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Garry's Mod Specific Announcements That Are Not Clan Related
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Garry's Mod: Staff Positions: Avalability And Requirements


Post by PÕQ~Grunt* » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:07 pm

This List Goes From Rank Power Starting With The Lowest In Power, To Highest.

Operator:[6 Positions] Acts Like A Informant To The Admins, Informs Them Of Trouble Makers On The Server. Also Gives Users Useful Info. This Rank Is Open To Everyone As No Actual Administration Is Involved.

Moderator:[6 Positions] Where Administration Begins. Moderators Can Warn, Kick, And Ban People As Well As Mute Disruptive Players. This Rank Is Open To All Players As Banning Is Closely Monitored By Managers.

Administrator:[5 Positions] Where Actual Administration Comes In. Admin's Have The Ability To Warn, Kick, And Ban People Who Are Breaking The Rules. This Rank Is Open To Enlisted Clan Members Of Corporal And Above.

Super Admin:[3 Positions] S-Admins Have The Ability To Ban Longer Than Admins By 1 Week. They Also Have Extra Administrative Commands Available. This Rank Is Open To Clan Officers Of Captain And Above.

Manager:[2 Positions] Managers Are In Command When The Co/Xo Are Not Online/Available. Managers Help In The Process Of Applications By Accepting/Denying People Based On A Certain Criteria The User Must Meet. Managers Also Can Ban Permanently. This Rank Is Open To Clan Officers Of Major And Above.

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On The Side Note, All Positions Have A "Training Phase" Before The User Is Able To Have The Full Extent Of Power Without Supervision.

Another Note: It Really Helps Your Application If You Are A Member Of The Clan Or Are At Least Active On The Forums.
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