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Medals Description Recipients

«DN» Clan Awards

The King
The King «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
A valued member of our community =DN=Ohio , =DN=OzunaB , =DN=Skult , [BB]DYNAMYTE , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , «DN»Victor , ≡DN≡Shadow , ≡DN≡Zero
Blue Diamond
Honorable Leader. «DN»Lasky®
Stacks of Money
You can receive this award by donating at least $50 Medal Not Issued
Pot of Gold
You can receive this award by donating at least $40 Medal Not Issued
Honorable Donator
You can receive this award by donating at least $35 Medal Not Issued
Master Donator
You can receive this award by donating at least $25 Medal Not Issued
Emerald Donator
You can receive this award by donating at least $10 Medal Not Issued
You can receive this award by donating at least $5 Medal Not Issued
Honorable Member
This award it's for those honorable members of the «DN» clan. «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Gold Medal
You are almost indispensable for us «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Silver Medal
You're doing an even better job for the clan «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Bronze Medal
You're doing a great job for the community Medal Not Issued
If you just have too much knowledge «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
You have proven to everyone you're a dumbass Medal Not Issued
You eat too much Medal Not Issued
Hot Dog
Eat a lot Medal Not Issued
Sushi Lover
If you like sushi this might be for you Medal Not Issued
Cookie Lover
You love cookies Emily
Cat Lover
You love cats Medal Not Issued
Dog Lover
For those who love dogs Medal Not Issued
You're a Brony Medal Not Issued
Heart of the Lion
For anyone who has a lion heart, which are, honestly, not many around here «DN»Lasky®
You're a rat Medal Not Issued
You just messed up and everyone knows it Medal Not Issued
You're a frog not a prince. Medal Not Issued
Fish Err Man
For those who own an aquarium and love to care for fish Medal Not Issued
Reached 1000 Posts =DN=Skult , «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Earn this by being not from our world [Only given by Lasky®] Medal Not Issued
You're a Ghost Ghost*
You walk in... do your business... and walk out Medal Not Issued
Grammar Nazi
You must have excellent grammar in your posts to achieve this award. JuliquE
Gavel of Justice
For those who abide by the Law! (Limited Edition) «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
You know how to f' fanboys Medal Not Issued
Minecraft player Medal Not Issued
Youtube Master
Youtube is really at your heart «DN»Lasky®
Mad Scientist
Intelligence... and Chemicals... and this is yours «DN»Lasky®
For being a sweet member Medal Not Issued
You are a warrior Medal Not Issued
For the proven inebriated ones. Medal Not Issued
Do I need to explain this one? Medal Not Issued
The Bomb
Get in touch with the Founders to get this. «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Show us that you're cool... Not a tool [BB]DYNAMYTE
For helping «DN» Clan «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Graphic Master
The best graphics master «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Dancing Queen
You're gay Medal Not Issued
One that has done well with helping others «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
You just pwned Medal Not Issued
Smoke Weed Everyday! Medal Not Issued
Black Hat
Only for black hats «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Report a lot and protect the forum to get this «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Got the Idea
Help us with a great idea to get this award Medal Not Issued
Member of the Month
This is a monthly award for the best member. [BB]DYNAMYTE
Speaker of the House
Goes out to members who've got a lot to tell «DN»Lasky®
Web Manager
Only for Web Managers «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Business Man
For entrepreneurial persons Medal Not Issued
Cuddly and cute
You're adorable and we must give you a teddy bear <3 Medal Not Issued
Everyone just hates you =CE=Kilo23 , =CE=Shy , ­­­=DG=Specter , SmG Hawk , SmG Ra1N , «DG»MyHogs , «MG»D16 , «MG»Grunt* , »KSR«Vortex1409*
Flaming... lol Medal Not Issued
For the love of Mario. Medal Not Issued
The Joker
Gotta make us laugh to get this one «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , «DN»Victor
You're well known Medal Not Issued
You write a lot zzzzz
Halloween Participant
Thanks for participate in the Halloween Event! :) «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , «DN»Victor
Server Manager
For those who manage the clan servers [SAPP & Gandanur] «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
You Jelly?
Are you jelly? :) =DN=Misify , =DN=OzunaB , =DN=Skult , [UF]Mjaybird , DJ , Ghost* , JuliquE , ­­­McFluff , «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , «DN»Victor , «MG»Grunt* , ≡DN≡Shadow
You see everything! :P «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Reached 2K posts. «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Halo Map Modder
You must be able to modify Halo maps to be awarded this medal. «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
For those of us that use Mediafire. «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Google Drive
Awarded to Members who use Google Drive. «DN»Lasky® , ≡DN≡Shadow

«DN» Clan Division Awards

Counter Strike Division
For those who play Counter Strike. «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , «DN»Victor
Minecraft Division
For those who play Minecraft «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Grand Theft Auto: SAMP Divison
For those who play GTA: SAMP =DN=Skult , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Garry's Mod Division
For those who play GMod Medal Not Issued
Halo Division
For those who play Halo. =DN=Misify , =DN=Ohio , =DN=Skult , «DN»Lasky® , «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , ≡DN≡Shadow
CoD4 Division
Awarded to those of us who join the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Division. Medal Not Issued
CoD: WaW Division
For those of us who join the Call of Duty: World at War Division... Medal Not Issued
CñR Division
For those of us that are part of the =DN= Cops ñ Robbers Division. Medal Not Issued
Team Fortress2 Division
«DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™ , «DN»Victor
Borderlands 2 Division
For those who play Borderlands 2. Medal Not Issued

«DN» Service Ribbons

Global War on Terrorism
This ribbon is awarded if a member should help DN win an attack against it's assets or members. Medal Not Issued
Founder of =DN= Dark Nexus
This ribbon is awarded ONLY to founders of the Dark Nexus Clan. It cannot be awarded to anyone else. This ribbon is only awarded by the President. «DN»ѕιиιѕтєя™
Armed Forces Service
This ribbon is awarded to those who have served in the forces of =DN= Dark Nexus, but who is NOT a member of the clan itself. Medal Not Issued
Army Service
This ribbon is issued to those in =DN= who have served in it's army in clan wars, or friendly scrims with other clans. Medal Not Issued